Is a unique interactive and versatile African-German children’s concert that promotes a qualitative celebration of all proud African children in an interdisciplinary platform for appropriate integration. This educational, social, multicultural and entertaining program is designed to showcase the art, beauty, intelligence, skills and talents of our African children throughout Europe. With great respect for the excellent German childcare system; therefore it is necessary to hold the first record-breaking “Afro Kids Festival” in the heart of Nuremberg, region of Franconia, Bavaria.

Questions to parents

  • Do you have a child or children in Germany?
  • Are you proud of your child or children?
  • Would you like to discover his/her potential among other children?
  • What kind of legacy and future plan do you have for him or her?
  • Do you think your child/children have skills or talents?
  • Do you want him or her to be discovered, celebrated and a STAR?

Then it’s time to show your children how much love you have for them and allow them to participate in the upcoming festival, in one of the above activities. Or simply as a guest fan to experience the big event in the Kiddies world. …. “A world where happiness and true love abound.”


Our children were left alone for too long, while a series of concerts, festivals and other adult activities were the order of the day in the Franconian region. The excitement and wishes of these children should (at this point in time) be given due attention with a big style festival (because they are also part of our joy and happiness here in Germany).



Nelson Mandela

“I dream of the realization of African unity, with its leaders united in their efforts to solve the problems of this continent. I dream of our huge deserts, of our forests, of all our great wildernesses”.