Hairstylistin Sarah

Hairstyles expert for over 20 years!

Welcome to your modern hairdressing salon. Our most important principle is: Hair is valuable. They demonstrate fashion feeling and convey beauty. Therefore, dynamic, competent employees work in our team with a lot of pleasure in dealing with people and hair. Customers who want to extend their hair will find a trustworthy contact as well as customers with an eye for trendy hairstyles such as Rasta, Cornrows, Dreadlocks etc..

Hairstylistin Sarah

Sarah Njuki

Karl-Bröger-Straße 21

90459 Nürnberg

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We style your hair, lengthen or compress it.

With hairstylist Sarah you are always in good hands, because our team masters not only the classic hairstyle repertoire, but also the latest stylings of the season. And we also have a wide range of styling and care products. Convince yourself of our services!


Overview of services and benefits

More than just hair care: with hairstylist Sarah you should feel good all round. Therefore, we not only provide the usual standard services for women, men and children in a professional manner, but also offer you an extensive range of services:


Our standard services



Cornrows are artistic hair rows woven close to the scalp. The variation possibilities are numerous, therefore we are happy to create your personal design.





Dreadlocks are strands of matted hair. The matting is brought about artificially by aids.




Braids, often referred to as Rasta braids or Rasta curls, is a braided hairstyle consisting of many small braids.



Weave is a hair extension method in which cornrows are braided first with the natural hair and then the wefts are sewn to the cornrows to lengthen the hair.