The GLOBAL Parents’ Association was founded in January 2004 as a non-profit association.
We, the GLOBAL Parents’ Association e.V.- GEV are a parent initiative in Nuremberg that is independent of parties and denominations.
The GEV stands for an ideology-free school landscape in Nuremberg. We want freedom of choice for different types of schools, for ALL CHILDREN, regardless of their origin and social background.
Based on our experience, we are able and willing to help children and parents with questions on school and parental rights and children’s rights.
The GEV is committed to the interests of parents and children at school. Our association supports international understanding, education and youth welfare through information, communication, consulting and projects, as well as the promotion of art and culture.
The GEV has set itself the goal of building a bridge between children, parents, school, teachers.

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Looking for tutoring?

We offer:

  • Experienced and competent teachers
  • max. 5 students per group
  • Guidance to independent work
  • self-confidence building
  • Anxiety-free learning

Our tuition includes 210 minutes per group per week

Work material and drinks are provided free of charge!

Find out about our inexpensive tutoring options for less than 5 € per hour!

Our offers


Language courses for:

  • preschoolers
  • schoolchildren
  • young
  • grown-up

PC courses for:

  • preschoolers
  • schoolchildren
  • young
  • grown-up

Counselling and support for parents and children on the problems of alcohol, drugs and crime 

Regular exchange of information with parents

Close cooperation with class teachers and schools

Assistance in choosing a school

Counselling in educational matters

Information on the possibilities of re-examinations and secondary schools